Recently the project was launched in France, and took a new step in its evolution. 


The project in France respects the goal of its original purpose : help, support, gather and offer the best experts for motherhood. 

It is also made of support live private groups where you can find informations, exercises, videos and live Q & A with experts and mothers. It’s a real community and a network. A ressource for young moms and mom to be.


Plus offline activities and programs made up for motherhood:

  • Pre & Postnatal Pilates
  • Prenatal yoga 
  • pelvic floor recovery method by Jeydancepilates 
  • Ostheopacy 
  • Mediation 
  • Psychology 
  • Women’s circles 
  • Doula 

And much more… 

Jey: Co-founder, Managing Director, Pilates instructor :

French team:

Jey : Shanghai & French program founder, Pilates instructor,

 pelvic floor & abdominal recovery specialist.  Method founder for postnatal recovery. She has her own home studio in South of France gives workshops and talks in Paris, Shanghai, HongKong, Bangkok and all over Asia. Located in South of France.

Alexia Karako

Graduated from ISUPNAT (Higher Institute of Naturopathy) and certified from FENA (French Federation of Naturopathy)

Alexia welcomes you for vitality assessments for the natural health of adults and children, from pregnancy planning to pregnancy monitoring until postpartum, consultations for food rebalancing and also for well-being massages (relaxing, draining, energetic, athletic, pre and post natal, baby massage workshops, reflexology)

👉 All information & appointments on Doctolib

Diane Pico

Diane is an holistic osteopath, specialist on women’s health and babies first months support. She values a natural and physiological approach , working with haptonomy technique, carry on your baby. Diane is committed, passionate, and really embracing women’s health cause. Located in South of France

Marica Concilio

Nutrition coach & vegan chef, Marica is graduated from aryurveda science and has her own kitchen lab in Nice. She will follow up and accompany any diet for pre & postnatal needs, with an accent on vegetal food. In Belle Maternity she helps, give advices and tips for motherhood, from lifestyle to more precise food counseling, her holistic approach makes her a great support.

Located in South of France.

Alice Jouvenot

Alice is doctor in chiropractic . She worked internationally in hospitals in Shanghai, before coming back to her hometown, where she can display her worldwide experience. Passionate, rigorous and extremely well trained, Alice is a perfectionist who has a deep sense of human body’s anatomy & movement’s functions. She specialises in athletes and is certified from FIFA sport, she regularly fly to Brazil, China and other places to treat skateboard athletes in championships. Located in Chalon sur Saône. 

Hiba Boufares

Hiba is a passionate and spiritual person. Holistic Osteopath practitioner & water osteopath, her path is to accompany women. She works as a perinatal coach and has into consciousness to support women’s on their motherhood. She offers birthing preparation, rebozo care massages and newborn treatments ( especially flathead syndrome). She’s also a baby’s massages specialist . Fully convinced wellbeing is an holistic path she integrates meditation a lot in her practice. She’s located in Paris

Coralie Boisseliere

physiotherapist : pelvic floor & perinatal specialist.Coralie is supporting women in their changes of life and helping them get through all the modifications that pre & postnatal brings. She values women’s anatomy development and encourages education. She is practicing pelvic floor rehab. Located in Nice.

Floriane Zitouni

Doula and birthing counselor, mother of 3, Floriane is a strong support for any women and families, from pre conception to post partum. Her expertise goes from (non medical) support in pregnancy, birthing, carry on babies techniques, massages, and much more. She’s full of energy, loving carrying personality, she brings joy and strong help to any families. She was one of the first doula in south of france. Based in Nice, she moves in the whole French Riviera area

Téléphone +33 6 10 30 04 34
Instagram Floriane_Zitouni_ doula_06

Marie-Noëlle Lata

Marie-Noëlle Lata was trained,  as a nurse,  and has worked in hospitals in maternity wards and neonatal intensive care units. Marie Noëlle is an IBCLC lactation consultant, based in Sartrouville (78) and Suresnes (92). She practices in the Paris area, in Paris city center,  and Remotely , and receives mothers for all breastfeeding matters. 
She is the founder of the community  project,  “Carrefour allaitement” which is a good place for mums to be and young mums who have the desire to breastfeed their babies.  
As a consultant and breastfeeding consultant,  for the Belle Maternity team, Marie-Noëlle offers relevant, caring and very judicious advice for breastfeeding women. 


Mathilde grouiller

Naturopath specialized in woman’s healt

Passionate form naturopathy since childhood , Mathilde grew up surrounded by natural healing system and two healing , therapeutic parents. 

She recognized the power of holistic and trained her self Far from home, in Australia to take a ” Bachelor of Naturopathy ”.

Then returning home, She continued to train  with André Passebecque in the Centre for Research and Education of Orthobiology to officially have  Naturopath diploma. 

Mother of two, concerned by women’s condition, Mathilde naturally chose to work with hormonal changes and fluctuation a woman encounters through her life. From endometriosis to infertility via menopause, or postpartum She dedicated to “Female ground”, and female disorders.