Wishes to have a child, having a baby plan. We accompany your wishes to become a parents . With a team for holistic perinatal expert we can follow your wishes from fertility issues to support IVF treatment, or motherhood in solo. Our team is totally equipped to help from physical and herbal treatment to emotional and exercices orientated expertise.


you made it ! You’re pregnant congrats ! Joy, fear, doubts, joy again. Now what ? 

With belle maternity motherhood you’ll find a real support, we accompany your during those nine months. 

With a team of expert, an interactive group for your questions and prenatal classes you’ll have a full support and smooth pregnancy


Postpartum is unique time in life. Each are different. Not only your child is born, but also you as a mum: 

Through three steps 

1- immediate postpartum 

2- mid term postpartum 

3- long term postpartum 

We will focus on healing from birth and recovering from pregnancy changes. Lose extra weight. Regain strength and functional pelvic floor and abdominal control.

Influenced by Chinese traditional medicine and customs called zuo yue zi. We will guide your in this new chapter of your life with physical classées: postpartum recovery method and postnatal pilates . And holistic support : nutrition, breastfeeding, emotional, and much more.